What are tasks and what is a task list ?

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The best way to tackle a complex job is to break it down into smaller tasks; complete the smaller tasks and your work is done! Moosend's automations are no different, they are comprised of smaller tasks which are the ingredients that make up every step of your automation workflow.

Did you forget to fill up some detail on your Filter Contacts step? Is your automation based on some campaign which doesn't bring up the right information? When setting up your's automations workflow make sure to look at your task list to see what remains to be done: all you have to do is find the task, complete it, and get your automation working.

Let's see how this is done:

A. Finding the task list

1. Click on the Automations button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page.
Tasks list Step 1 : Click on the Automations button

2. Click on the automation's name for which you want to check the task list.
Tasks list Step 2 : Click on the automations name

3. Click on the Expand all tasks drop-down menu.
Tasks list Step 3 : Click on the Expand all tasks button

B. Completing the remaining tasks

1. Check the status of each task, located on the left side of the list that appears.
Completing a task Step 1 : Check the status of each task


2. Click on the task that you want to complete. The relevant step will instantly appear!
Completing a task Step 2 : Click on the task you want to complete

3. Complete the task as required and click on the Save button.
Completing a task Step 3 : Complete the task anc click Save

Repeat the above steps until there are no more tasks pending!