How can I set up SPF & DKIM on my Ipage provider?

Correctly setting up SPF and DKIM is very important as it will increase the deliverability of your campaigns. If your aim is to have professional results from your email marketing efforts, then it's almost mandatory to look into what is a fairly simple procedure, which will greatly impact the success of your campaigns and allow you to hit inboxes every time!

First, you need to make sure you know where to find the required SPF & DKIM information inside your Moosend account. Then all you have to do is follow the steps described below:

1. Log in the Control Panel with your account username and password.

2. Click on Domain Central under the Domain section.

3. Select the domain name whose TXT / SPF records.

4. Click on DNS.

5. Select TXT/SPF record from the Modify drop-down menu.

6. Type the SPF record.

7. Click on Add to proceed.

It is highly recommended that you check that you've correctly completed the verification procedure through your Moosend account.