How can I delete a website from my list of tracked websites ?

Moosend's Website Tracking lets you record your website visitors actions and tie them to your campaigns! You can add and remove the website that you manage but it's worth keeping in mind that by deleting a website all your historical data will be lost forever!

If you want to go ahead and delete a website that you've added to your list of tracked websites, just follow the steps below:

A. Finding the Tracked Websites page

1. Click on the Account button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page.
Connect Tracked Websites Step 1 : Click on the Account button

2. Choose the Tracked Websites option, on the menu that appears.
Connect Tracked Websites Step 2 : Click on the Tracked Websites option


B. Deleting a Tracked Website

Click on the X button, located right next to each domain, to delete it from your list of tracked websites.
Click on the X button to delete a website

A pop up will appear prompting you to confirm you wish to go ahead with the deletion of the website from the list. Once again, be aware that by pressing on the OK button on the pop up all related historical data (re: Page View Events, Added to Cart Items, Order Completed Events, Custom Events) will be lost forever. So be careful!