How can I verify my website?

Identifying your website users is necessary if you want to have your automations trigger when an event takes place on your website. To allow Moosend to track these events on your website, you first need to create a connection between your website and Moosend!

Once you're done connecting your website to Moosend using one of our available plugins, or through custom installation, you can also verify the connection. The verification of the correct installation of your website's tracking script is not necessary - successful installations will allow events to be tracked regardless of the verification status - it is, however, recommended that you do follow this quick process as it can help you test your website tracking with just a couple of clicks.

To go through the verification process just follow the steps below:

A. Finding the Tracked Websites page

1. Click on the Account button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page.
Connect Tracked Websites Step 1 : Click on the Account button

2. Choose the Tracked Websites option, on the menu that appears.
Connect Tracked Websites Step 2 : Click on the Tracked Websites option

B. Verifying the Website

1. Check the verification status of each website you have added to your tracked websites list.

The verification status beside each website will indicate whether there's a verified connection between your domain and Moosend's tracking capabilities, or if no such verification has taken place yet (VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED respectively). To start the verification process click on the tracking status, or follow the two steps below. 

2. Click on each domain name, to get directed to the tracking script for this particular website.

3. Click on the Validate Installation button.

A pop-up will inform you that "The website will be verified upon the first event received", which means that you have 5 minutes to visit your website and create an event (e.g. a page view, adding an item to a cart, etc.) which will verify the connection between your site and Moosend. Don't forget to check back on the verification status to confirm that your website connection is now indicated as VERIFIED!

If at any point you decide against having your site on your list of tracked websites you can always remove it. Make sure though, that you first learn all about Moosend Automations and how you can use them in conjunction with your website tracking to engage your customers on a completely new level!