Set up website tracking using the ZenCart plugin

ZenCart is an online store management system that is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components.  ZenCart users can install our platform's add-on to connect a ZenCart site and enable website tracking.

To set up website tracking using the ZenCart plugin: 

  1. In ZenCart's plugins section, find Moosend Website Tracking and click Download Latest.
  2. Open the downloaded folder, find the mootracker file and upload it to your server. Do the same procedure for the includes file.
  3. Find the admin folder and drag and drop the files to your website's admin-moosend folder.
  4. Go to your ZenCart site, click Tools and then click Moosend Email Marketing.
  5. Enter your website ID in the corresponding field.
    Note: To retrieve your website ID, you must log into your Moosend account and in the top navigation bar, click Account_icon.png , click Websites, then click your website's URL.
  6. Click Save.