How can I set up tracking using a plugin for my CS-Cart site?

It's very easy to create a connection between your email campaigns and the actions of your e-commerce website users! All you have to do is start identifying your website visitors and then use the insight you gain to create unique Automations which will capture their interest, at the right moment, based on how they interact with your website. 

To install the Moosend add-on and connect your CS-Cart site with Moosend, you can check our CS-Cart For Moosend: How To Install The Plugin Step By Step video:

or follow the steps below:

1. Locate and install the Moosend Website Tracking add-on on your CS-Cart e-commerce site.

2. Click on the Account button on your Moosend account.

3. Choose the Tracked Websites option, from the menu that appears.

4. Click on Add Website button.

5. Type-in your website domain URL on the Website Domain area.

6. Click on the Next button.227_-_Screenshot_6b.png

7. Click on the available Copy button, to place the Website ID on your clipboard.

8. Paste your Website ID on the Add-ons > Manage add-ons > MooTracker page of your installed plugin, located on your CS-Cart site.

Your connection should be ready as soon as you save your progress by clicking on the Save button. Once your website becomes connected to your Moosend account, a new mailing list will automatically be created, that will be containing all upcoming subscribers of the website you have successfully connected.

For your convenience, we heartily suggest that you also verify your connection between your website and your Moosend account. As soon as you're done, you should go ahead and start taking advantage of your newfound knowledge of what your website users are up to! How about making an Abandoned Cart automation to get things fired up?