What are the different Editor Views and how can I use them?

No compromises! That's what working with Moosend is all about. Our Campaign Editor gives you all the tools you need to flesh a stunningly looking newsletter out, and then allows you to work on the details using HTML. Or do you prefer to write your HTML code inside the Editor and then drag stuff around? Or maybe both simultaneously? 

You don't have to choose.

Moosend's three Editor Views provide the most fluid transition between wearing your designer hat and your HTML coder hat. 

  • The Design View
    Fill your newsletter canvas with images, text, buttons and much more, by simply dragging-n'-dropping elements until you feel your design perfectly gets your message across to your recipients.The Design View


  • The Code View
    Take a peek under the hood by figuring out how the content inside the Editor is translated in HTML. And, yes, it goes without saying that you can edit the HTML code and directly apply any changes you make!The Code View


  • The Split View
    Divide your screen so you can look at both your canvas and your HTML code. Apply any changes you make on the code to see how they look on the canvas. Change something on the canvas and look at your code change.The Split View

Changing between the three Editor Views is seamless. You'll find three buttons on the top of the Editor page that help you quickly switch between the three views. That way, even if you're not fully familiar with HTML, it will be super easy to to dust off any skills you poses by tweaking your Moosend newsletter design until it looks perfect.