What is the Anniversary recipe and how can I use it?

The Anniversary recipe can help you personalize your email marketing campaigns to each individual customer and bond meaningfully with them on important dates. Use this automation to create heartfelt automated celebration sequences for subscription anniversaries, purchase anniversaries made, or other interactions with your website.

If you've already found the Anniversary cart recipe among 
the available Recipes and know how recipes are laid out, then let's go right ahead and see what this particular recipe constitutes of:

A. Overview


The trigger (1) for this type of automation is called When a specific day is reached and, as its name implies, it fires up the automation in relation to a specific date being reached. The first Then send email campaign Action step (2) will dispatch a campaign 30 days before the anniversary of the event. Using the Control Step titled Wait for 29 day(s) (3) the automation will wait for 29 days to pass, and then according to the second Then send email campaign Action step (4) it will send a second campaign one day before the anniversary. 

B. Changing the Recipe 

Are you already familiar with how to use Action steps and how to use Conditional / Control steps? You can use that knowledge to change parts of this recipe as you see fit. It's exactly like creating or editing one of your own automation designs: you can add steps, remove steps, or edit the steps already available to fit your design's needs.

You can also save your changes as a custom recipe, and use it at your leisure.

C. Using the Recipe

A recipe cannot be activated as is! You first need to complete all the incomplete tasks found in the task list and transform the recipe into a fully functional automation. The Anniversary recipe only requires the following tweaks:

1. Click on the When a specific day is reached trigger.

2. Define the two trigger options that remain using the available drop-down menus.

You'll need to define the date-type custom field based upon which the trigger will fire 30 days prior. The name of the list appears in brackets right next to custom field name, on the drop-down menu. You'll also need to define how many times you want this automation to run. Your options are:

  • Every year on that day and month
  • Every month on that day
  • Once on that day

Click on the Save button when you're done.

3. Click on the Then send email campaign step.

4. Select the appropriate campaign options from the available drop-down menus.

You'll have to define a Subject, the Sender and the Content of the campaign, as well as set an optional emails-per-day cap so that a customer won't get more emails than you want on the same day. Click on the Save button when you're done.

5. Click on the second Then send email campaign step.

6. Select the appropriate campaign options from the available drop-down menus.

Again you'll have to define a Subject, the Sender and the Content as well as set an optional emails-per-day cap. Click on the Save button when you're done.

7. Don't forget to activate your automation by clicking on the ACTIVE toggle.