What is the Change in custom field recipe and how can I use it?

Give your subscribers a fully personalized experience by automatically tracking changes in Custom Fields and sending users the most appropriate email campaign. 

A good usage example for this recipe is to set a spending ceiling for your customers, which once exceeded, will take them to a new sub-segment of subscribers with specials perks. As soon as a subscriber qualifies for a custom field change to a certain value your automation will be triggered, and can be used to send your customer a custom email campaign with incentive to shop more!

If you've already found the Change in custom field recipe among the available options, and you are already familiar with how to navigate, edit and use Recipes, then let's go right ahead and see what this particular one can do for you:

A. Overview

Custom field change automation | Overview

The trigger (1) most suited for this type of automation is called When a custom field value is changed to a specific value and fires up the automation when a value of one of your custom fields is changed to a specific value. The Wait for 0 minute(s) Control step, situated right after our trigger (2), can provide a useful interval between the time the custom field is changed and when the dispatch of the email campaign takes place, as defined by the Then send email campaign Action step (3).

B. Changing the Recipe 

Are you already familiar with how to use Action steps and how to use Conditional / Control steps? You can use that knowledge to change parts of this recipe as you see fit. It's exactly like creating or editing one of your own automation designs: you can add steps, remove steps, or edit the steps already available to fit your design's needs.

You can also save your changes as a custom recipe, and use it at your leisure.
Custom field change automation | Changing the recipe

C. Using the Recipe

A recipe cannot be activated as is! You first need to complete all the incomplete tasks found in the task list and transform the recipe into a fully functional automation. The Change in custom field recipe only requires a few tweaks:

1. Click on the When a custom field value is changed to a specific value trigger.
Custom field change automation Step 1: Click on the trigger

2. Set the appropriate trigger options from the available fields.Custom field change automation Step 2 : Set the trigger options

This specific trigger has three parameters which you'll need to set. You'll have to define whether your automation will be triggered once or every time the custom field is changed, the name of the custom field, as well as the value which the custom field needs to change to in order to trigger your automation. Click on the Save button when you're done.

3. Click on the Wait for 0 minute(s) step.
Custom field change automation Step 3 : Click on the Wait 0 minutes step

4. Set the required time value and measurement unit, on the available fields.
Custom field change automation Step 4 : Fill in the amount of time

Click on the Save button when you're done.

5. Click on the Then send email campaign step.
Custom field change automation Step 5 : Click on the Then send email campaign

6. Select the appropriate campaign options from the available drop-down menus.
Custom field change automation Step 6 : Fill in the campaign options

This type of action requires that you define a Subject, the Sender, the Content as well as set an optional Emails Per Day Cap so that a customer won't get more emails than you'd want on the same day. Click on the Save button when you're done.

7. Don't forget to activate your automation by clicking on the ACTIVE toggle.
Custom field change automation Step 7 : Make sure your automation is Active