What is the Welcome email sequence recipe and how can I use it?

First impressions can be super important! How about putting on your best smile and creating a heartwarming email sequence to welcome your new subscribers to your brand, the brand personality and what it has to offer?

Get into more detail regarding various aspects of your brand, remind them to have your email address white-listed, send information about the frequency of your emails, increase affinity to your brand and have them follow you on social media, have them register for a webinar or explore your web content. This recipe can be put to amazing use for whatever you deem important when welcoming your newest subscriber!

If you've already found the welcome email sequence recipe among the available recipes, and know how recipes are laid out, then let's go right ahead and check the ingredients of this recipe:

A. Overview


The trigger (1) for this recipe is called When someone subscribes to any list and, as its name implies, it fires up your automation when someone subscribes to any of your mailing lists. Following the trigger is the Wait a specific time interval control step (2) which creates an interval between between the time the mailing list subscription occurs and when the dispatch of the first campaign, as defined by the Then send email campaign action step (3), takes place. The next pairs of steps (4) and (5) work in the same manner, adding some distance between each email campaign, according to your specifications.

B. Changing the Recipe 

Are you already familiar with how to use Action steps and how to use Conditional / Control steps? You can use that knowledge to change parts of this recipe as you see fit. It's exactly like creating or editing one of your own automation designs: you can add steps, remove steps, or edit the steps already available to fit your design's needs.

You can also save your changes as a custom recipe, and use it at your leisure.

C. Using the Recipe

A recipe cannot be activated as is! You first need to complete all the incomplete tasks found in the task list and transform the recipe into a fully functional automation. The welcome email sequence recipe requires the following tweaks:

1. Click on the Wait a specific time interval step.

2. Set the required time value and measurement unit, on the available fields.

Click on the Save button when you're done. 

3. Click on the Then send email campaign step.

4. Set the appropriate campaign options, using the available fields.

This type of action requires that you define a Subject, the Sender and the Content of your campaign, as well an optional Emails Per Day Cap so that a customer won't get more emails than you'd want on the same day. Click on the Save button when you're done and then proceed by setting up the next two pairs of Wait a specific time interval steps and Then send email campaign steps as necessary.

5. Don't forget to activate your automation by clicking on the ACTIVE toggle, when you're done.