What types of data can I use as Custom Fields ?

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Have you started creating your own Custom Fields yet? Custom Fields are a tremendous tool, which breathes life, friendliness and personality to each of your email marketing campaigns. Your subscribers will love you for it! 

When creating a new Custom Field you will have to choose its data type, using a drop-down menu.


You can choose any of the data types available:

  • Text
    Choosing the Text data type means that your custom field will necessarily be a text. This data type can be very useful on such occasions such as when you want to place your subscriber's first name, surname, location, etc inside your email marketing campaign.

  • Number
    The Number data type is used for custom fields which should be containing numeric values. Wherever a number needs to be used as a custom field (e.g. counting the number of times a subscriber has clicked on a link or the number of times your customers have purchased a product from your site,) this is the data type you need to use.

  • Date Time
    The Data Time data type pertains to a date. This could be used for a range of things, from the date of subscription, an anniversary, to a subscriber's birthday or anything you can come up with. When you need to set a date as a custom field, this is the data type you're looking for.

  • SingleSelectDropDown
    Are you asking your subscribers to make a choice out of a drop-down list? This is the custom field for this type of application. You will need to set the different options - and your users will be able to make a single selection out of those.

  • CheckBox
    The CheckBox data type is of the Yes/No variety, as it leaves it to your subscriber to tick or not tick a box pertaining to a parameter you have previously defined. This data type can be used efficiently when asking your subscribers for their preference by adding options for them to choose between. They can then tick whichever they want and help you make your campaigns more efficient.