Why should I Cascade blocks for responsiveness when I design my newsletter ?

It is logical to assume that not everyone uses their computer to check your email campaigns. But why just assume? You should get to know exactly what type of devices your subscribers use to browse their emails and see all the cool campaigns you send their way! Our super flexible Moosend Editor makes sure your campaign always looks the part, under any circumstance, and on any device.

After you've begun defining your newsletter design's structure using the various Containers, you should also start adding Elements to each available slot, filling the structure with content. Each Container you use comes with its own fully customizable group of Container settings. The different Editor views allow you to work on both the desktop and mobile version of your newsletter, to ensure that it always looks flawless, no matter what device your recipients are using to view it! Specifically, the Mobile Newsletter view allows you to select the slot display of your choice and to choose whether or not to cascade blocks.

Let's take a closer look!

1. Click on Mobile Newsletter, towards the top of your Editor page, to switch to the mobile view.

3. To enable vertical slot display, click on the button with the three vertical dots.

Enabling this option will display the slots of a row vertically for small-width devices, such as mobile phones or other hand-held devices with small screens. For this to happen the email client needs to support the use of media queries. The ones that support media queries are:
4. To switch to horizontal slot display, click on the button with the three horizontal dots.

Note that the above options, whether you chose vertical or horizontal display, will change the display of slots for the entirety of your newsletter.

Make sure that you check how your newsletter design looks on a range of device options using our practical Preview option, available directly inside the Moosend Editor.