What is a Cart Abandonment / Product Recommendation / Browse Abandonment block and how can I use it ?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could reuse a part of your campaign design in just one a click? Have you ever wanted to remind your customers what they left on their website cart, or cross-sell items that might interest them, based on what they are buying or even just browsing on your website ?

Moosend gives you the option to create your own Cart Abandonment, Product Recommendation and Browse Abandonment blocks. You can design and reuse these to your leisure, while they grab information from your website, showing what your customers left in their baskets or looked at on your site, or suggesting products that they might like. Cart Abandonment, Product Recommendation and Browse Abandonment blocks are fully customizable; you can add or remove Elements just as you would for any other container, so that your subscribers get only the info you want, and only when you want them to.

Let's see how you can create one or more of your own:

A. Creating a Cart Abandonment/ Product Recommendation/ Browse Abandonment block

When using the Moosend Campaign Editor to create your design's elements you have the option to turn each element into a dynamic content block. Keep in mind that 3 x 1/3 Containers and 4 x 1/4 Containers cannot be turned into Cart Abandonment, Product Recommendation or Browse Abandonment blocks-but every other container type can!

1. Click on the settings symbol, appearing on the right side of each row when you hover your mouse over it.

2. Choose one of the options from the Container Type drop-down menu.

The available options are:

As soon as you choose either the
 Cart Abandonment, the Product Recommendation  or the Browse Abandonment option, your container will be filled with dynamic content. This is indicated by the red frame appearing around it when you hover your mouse over it!

3. Set up your dynamic content block by changing its settings to suit your needs.

Each type of dynamic content container has its own group of settings, in which we go into more detail in the corresponding articles above. What they all have in common is that they require that you connect your website to your Moosend account and that you then use the Select product website drop-down menu on the container's settings, to allow it to gather product information from the right website and dynamically change its content.

B. Adding, editing & removing elements from a Repeatable Container

A Cart Abandonment / Product Recommendation / Browse Abandonment block is automatically filled with dynamic elements.

This will change based on the current information on the website you connect to the particular dynamic container, via the Select product website menu, and can be discerned by each #product:tag# tag that they contain.

You can freely add or remove elements from a repeatable container.

You can also re-add any elements you have might have deleted.

Elements that are placed inside a dynamic container, have an additional field in their settings called the
 Repeatable Element Tag.Cart_Product_Browse_blocks_B_3-.png

This is already set for each element automatically present when the dynamic content container is created, but must be defined by you for any new elements that you add. 

Here is a list of elements, along with their repeatable element tags:

  • Code #product:code#
  • Price #product:price#
  • URL #product:url#
  • Category #product:category#
  • Title #product:title#
  • Manufacturer #product:manufacturer#
  • Image #product:image#

Make sure that you learn more about how to use the available repeatable element tags on the dynamic content container you created.

C. Saving a Cart Abandonment/ Product Recommendation/ Browse Abandonment block

1. Click on the floppy-shaped save symbol, appearing on the right side of the row you turned into a Cart Abandonment / Product Recommendation / Browse Abandonment block when hovering your mouse over it, to save it as such.

2. Fill in a name of your choosing in the Container name area.

Make sure you give your dynamic content container a distinct name!

3. Click on the Save Container button.

D. Using your Cart Abandonment/ Product Recommendation/ Browse Abandonment

1. Make sure you're on the Structure list.

You will find all the dynamic content containers you've created represented by red icons right below the standard structures. They work exactly like any other container, so they belong exactly where you'll be using them the most!

2. Drag-n'-drop your dynamic container, onto the appropriate design area, to add it to your design.

E. Deleting a saved Cart Abandonment / Product Recommendation / Browse Abandonment block

1. Click on the X symbol on the corner of a dynamic content container's icon, to delete it.

A pop-up will appear asking if you want to move ahead with the deletion. Remember, if you delete your container you won't be able to retrieve it.

2. Click on the OK button on the pop-up that appears.

Please note that you cannot have more than one dynamic content block in your campaign.