Can I get website tracking on my site?

As their name implies, Moosend Automations allow you to engage with your subscribers in powerful ways, and most importantly, they do everything automatically, without any direct input from your side: you just set up each automation and let it do its work while you focus on other areas of your email marketing. 

So what is it that gets each automation going since you won't be there to do it yourself? In most occasions it's your site visitors themselves who trigger an automation, usually without even realizing it!

Maybe they added something to their shopping cart or maybe they visited a specific page, or subscribed to your mailing list. The trigger method depends on you, but whatever it is that they do, Moosend will know and move ahead with the rest of the automation steps.

To make this possible, you need to do two things:

  1. You need to add a unique tracking code-snippet behind any areas of your website where you want to track your site visitors and utilize their activity as triggers for your automations. Some web-hosting services merely require a tracking ID, so that's option is also available.

  2. You need to identify the person visiting your site in order for you to know if it's someone on your mailing list or someone whose details you don't know yet. And for this you need to know their email address! 

There are four ways to identify someone's email address when they're visiting your site:

  • When they reach your website via a link inside one of your newsletters

  • If they add their email address to a subscription form on your site

  • When they register on your website

  • When they log in your website

By placing the provided tracking code into the <head> HTML tag of pages such as your website's subscription forms, or by using whichever of the available plugins suits your CMS, you'll be able to identify the person visiting your website and engage with them using one of your Moosend Automations.