Identifying my website users

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Identifying your website users is a prerequisite if you want to create automation triggers based on the actions that take place on your website. To make this possible, and allow Moosend to track these actions, you need to do two simple things:

  1. Add a unique tracking code behind any areas of your website where you want to track the actions of your site visitors. Some CMS applications merely require a tracking ID, which is also an available option.

  2. Identify the person visiting your site by their email address. There are four ways to learn someone's email address when they're visiting your site:
    • When they reach your website via a link located inside your newsletter
    • If they add their email address to a subscription form on your website
    • When they register on your website
    • When they log in your website

By placing the provided tracking code into the <head> HTML tag of pages such as your website's subscription forms, or by using whichever of the available plugins suits your CMS, you'll be able to identify the person visiting your website and engage with them using one of your Moosend Automations.