How can I connect my website to Moosend?

Moosend Website Tracking lets you record your website visitors actions and tie them to your campaigns.

By adding the code snippets that we provide to areas of your website HTML, you allow Moosend to check what your site visitors are doing at any given time. These events can be later used to trigger the automations you design, to create the ultimate personalization experience.

Let's see how it's done:

A. Finding the Tracked Websites page

1. Click on the Account button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page.
Connect Tracked Websites Step 1 : Click on the Account button

2. Choose the Tracked Websites option, on the menu that appears.
Connect Tracked Websites Step 2 : Click on the Tracked Websites option

B. Adding a website to your tracking list

The first time you visit the Tracked Websites page you'll be prompted to fill-in your website's domain right away. Whenever you revisit the Tracked Websites page it will contain a list of the websites you've already added.

1. Click on the Add Website button to add a new website to your list.
Adding a Website Step 1 : Click on Add Website button

2. Fill-in the domain of your website on the Website Domain area.
Adding a Website Step 2 : Add the domain name

Keep in mind that your domain name will only be used to view instructions on how to install and configure the relevant tracking script.

3. Click on the Next button.
Adding a Website Step 3 : Click Next

As soon as your website becomes connected to your Moosend account, a new mailing list will be created automatically, containing all upcoming subscribers of the website you have successfully connected.

C. Tracking an e-commerce platform or CMS

If you want to track the actions on your favourite e-commerce platform or CMS you can use any of our available plugins and install the website tracking script with just one click.

1. Click on the Install button, located next to each available plugin.
Tracking CMS Installation Step 1 : Click on the Install button

D. Tracking a custom installation

If you have a custom installation, or if your favorite platform is not yet available on our plugin list, you can always install the website tracking library by copying and pasting the appropriate code snippet into your website HEAD tag.

1. Click on the Copy button, located below the appropriate code snippet.
Custom Tracking Installation Step 1 : Click on the Copy button

E. Validating Tracking Script Installation

1. Click on the Validate Installation button.
Validating Tracking Script Step 1 : Click on the Validate Installation button

F. Using the Configuration Examples

1. Click on the Configuration Examples button, located at the bottom of the page.
Configuration Examples Step 1 : Click on the Configuration Examples button

You will be directed to a page where there are various practical examples of how to take advantage of the tracking code to suit your various needs. Your options are:

  • Identify Visitors
  • Track Page View Events
  • Track Item Added to Cart
  • Track Order Completed Events
  • Track Product View Events
  • Track Custom Events

2. Look at the short description underneath each title.
Configuration Examples Step 2 : Look at the description underneath the title

The code snippets are located right below each description, inside the black area.

3. Click on the Copy button, located underneath the code snippet area. 
Configuration Examples Step 3 : Click on the Copy button

By clicking on the button you immediately place the code on your clipboard.

G. Navigating the Tracked Websites page

The Tracked Websites page contains some additional options which can be useful when you have a list of websites being tracked by Moosend.

Check the tracking status of each website.
Tracking Status

The tracking status will indicate whether there's a verified connection between your domain and Moosend's tracking capabilities, or not.

Click on each domain name, to get directed to the tracking codes for this particular website.
Click on each domain name to get the tracking codes

Click on the X button, located right next to each domain, to delete it from your list of tracked websites.
Click on the X button to delete a website

Click on the Add Website button to add a new website to your list.
Click on the Add website button to add a new website