Do I need to have my campaign ready before I design an automation ?

With Moosend there's no need to work in any particular way; we want you to work just the way you like!

The automation design process itself is very easy to navigate. If you decide that at some step of the automation process you want your automation to send out email campaigns then you have to add a particular type of action which is called Then send email campaign.

One of its parameters will request that you choose the campaign content that will be sent out when the criteria for this particular action have been met.312-someone-opens-specific-campaign-1.png

The HTML content that each of your recipients will see will be taken from this campaign. You can either choose one you have already sent out, or any of the ones you have left as drafts. With this in mind you might find it preferable to have your campaign design at the ready before you start the automation design process, but it's not necessary.

To help you out we included a tasks list inside the automation design! You can, at any point, exit the automation design, go design the campaign content for it, and then return to the automation design. The task list inside the automation workflow will inform you which parts of your automation design have been left unattended to, so that you can finish up the tasks and get your automation going without skipping a beat!