Do I need to have my campaign ready before I design an automation ?

The automation design process itself is very easy to navigate. If you decide that at some step of the automation process you want your automation to send out email campaigns then you have to add a particular type of action which is called Then send email campaign.

One of its parameters will request that you set the campaign content that will be sent out when the criteria for this particular action have been met. You will then have several options regarding the content you will use within you automation.

Let's take a closer look!


A. Fetching the content from an existing campaign

1. To use content from an existing campaign, click on the Content From Campaign tab, then click on the Fetch a campaign's content button.

2. Next, use the drop-down list to select the campaign whose content you wish to use, whether it be a campaign that has already been sent out, or just a draft of a campaign.
Once you have selected your campaign, click on the Import button to use its content in your automation.

The HTML content that each of your recipients will see will be taken from whichever campaign you selected in the step above. When utilizing this option might find it preferable to have your campaign design at the ready before you start the automation design process, but it's not necessary. You can, at any point, exit the automation design, go design the campaign content for it, and then return to the automation design. 

B. Creating a campaign from scratch

Alternatively, you have the option of creating an entirely new campaign design for your automation.

1. To do this, click the Content From Campaign tab once more, then click on the Use the Campaigns Designer button.
Clicking on this button will take you to our beloved Moosend Campaign Editor, where you can create a whole new design !

2. Once you are happy with your design, clicking on the Update Campaign and Continue button will automatically take you back to your automation, allowing you to seamlessly continue with designing it!

C. Importing HTML from an external source

1. To import your own HTML from an external source, click on the Content from Campaign tab.

2. Then, click on the Campaigns Wizard link at the bottom left of the window, which will take you to the Campaign Wizard where you can follow the steps to import your desired HTML content,  just as you would do with a regular campaign.

D. Creating a simple campaign content

Finally, you have the option of creating a simple HTML message for your automation from within the Then send email campaign window.

1. Click on the Create New Content tab.

2. Create your simple HTML message and then click the Save button.