How does the "When a specific custom field value is changed" trigger work?

Our Custom Fields can be used in many ways, and this option can come in handy when you design your own automation workflow since one of the available trigger types is the "When a specific custom field value is changed". This trigger reacts by setting your automation in motion when the value of a specific Custom Field changes, which will help you do wonders with your email lists.

There are two parameters that you need to define on this type of trigger:

1. You need to choose whether the automation will be triggered for every change of value, or whether it will be triggered only on the first value change.when_specific_custom_field_changes_trigger_1.png

2. The second parameter you need to define is the name of the Custom Field whose value needs to be changed in order to trigger your automation.

You can find all the available custom fields on the drop-down menu - just make sure that you choose one from the correct email list, indicated by the list's name in brackets. After you are done, click on the Save button to have your trigger ready and waiting inside your workflow.

Please keep in mind that any changes in your Email lists and/or your Custom Fields may affect your automation when you use this type of trigger, so make sure that you take this under consideration when you make such changes. To move ahead with your current design you should learn how to use the Conditional / Control steps and how to use Actions.