How do I export my subscribers as a CSV file?

Sometimes you might need to have your list of subscribers or some other part of your mailing list exported as an Excel file to use outside of the Moosend platform.

This is done easily and quickly, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Mailing lists button located on the menu on the left side of your Dashboard page.Export Subscribers to Excel File Step 1 : Click on the mailing lists button

2. Click on the name of the mailing list from which you want to export subscribers as an Excel file.Export Subscribers to Excel File Step 2 : Select a mailing list


3. Scroll down to the available tabs.Export Subscribers to Excel File Step 3 : Scroll Down

The tabs are:

  • All e-mails
  • Active e-mails
  • Remove e-mails
  • Bounced e-mails
  • Unsubscribed e-mails

4. Select the tab that corresponds to the category that you want to export and click on the Export to CSV button.