How can I set up double opt-in for my mailing lists ?

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When choosing a double opt-in procedure for your mailing list, your recipients will need to verify their subscription through a confirmation email, right after subscribing. This will minimize the possibility of having invalid addresses on your mailing list since double opt-in lists have fewer bounces and unsubscribes, as well as more opens and more clicks!

Let's see how you can set up your mailing list for a double opt-in:


1. Click on the Mailing lists button, located on the left side of your Moosend Account.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_1_new.png



2. Click on the name of the mailing list that you would like to edit.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_2_new.png



3. Tap on the Settings button, on the menu that appears.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_3_new.png



4. Select one of the two available Double Opt-in options which are the following:

  • Activate Double Opt-in for this list but continue sending to all subscribers (Soft Double Opt-in)
    This option allows you to see all subscribers when clicking on the Members button. An extra column will show whether each subscriber is double opt-in Verified / Not Verified / Verified by Admin.
  • Activate Double Opt-in for this list and only send to verified subscribers (Strong Double Opt-in)
    This option allows you to only see subscribers who are double opt-in verified when clicking on the Members button. Additionally, only verified double opt-in subscribers will be counted towards your billing (non-verified will be excluded). Subscribers not appearing as Verified can still be found using the search bar right above the members list.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_4_new.png



5. Back to the opt-in settings, you can choose the sender from the drop-down menu and set up the Subject of your confirmation email.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_5_new.png

Make sure that your subject line is catchy enough to make your new subscribers give their consent by clicking on the verification link contained inside the email.


6. Check the confirmation message.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_6_new.png

We wrote the content for you, but you can always edit the HTML message in our editor. Just make sure that you include the #VerificationLink# tag, otherwise, it will automatically be placed at the bottom of the message. 


7. Click on the Save button when you're done.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_7_new.png



8. Set the Consent confirmation landing page, by specifying the URL of your confirmation page. Please note that this step is optional. Then, tap on the Save button.how_to_set_up_double_opt-in_for_my_mailing_lists_8_new.png