How can I find all the subscribers who are double opt-in verified?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


Whether you want to make sure a specific subscriber has undergone the double opt-in process, or whether you just want to send out a campaign to thank those subscribers who gave their consent for you  to send them email campaigns, you can easily find them using our Segments option.

Let's see how this is done:

1. Click on the Mailing lists button, located on the left side of your Moosend Account.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_1_new.png



2. Click on the name of the mailing list for which you want to create a segment.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_2_new.png



3. Click on the Segments option, located on the menu that appears.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_3_new.png



4. Click on the Create segment button.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_4_new.png



5. Click on the Create custom segment button located on the right top corner.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_5_new.png



6. Fill-in your Segment Name in the available text area. Use a name that will help you identify the segment easily. Then tap on the Add Criteria button.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_6_new.png



7. Choose the Verified for Double Opt-in option, from the first drop-down menu.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_7_new.png



8. Select the option is true, on the second drop-down menu.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_8_new.png

This way all the subscribers who have been verified via the double opt-in mechanism are selected by this segment.



9. Click on the Save segment  button when you're done.how_can_I_find_the_subscribers_who_are_double_opt-in_verified_9_new.png