How can I verify my existing subscribers for GDPR?

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In order to verify your existing subscribers for GDPR, you should, first of all, make sure that your new subscribers go through a double opt-in subscription process. Once that is done, all that remains is to create a segment that contains those subscribers who are not verified through a double opt-in process and afterward take their consent.

Let's see how this is done: 

A. Setting up your mailing list for double opt-in

1. Click on the Mailing lists button, located on the left side of your Moosend Account.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_1_new.png


2. Click on the name of the mailing list whose settings you want to change.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_2_new.png



3. Click on the Settings option, on the menu that appears.verify_existing_sucsbribers_GDPR_3_new.png



4. On the Opt-in Settings section, select the Activate Double Opt-in for this list but continue sending to all subscribers option.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_4_new.png 


5. Choose the Sender from the drop-down menu.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_5_new.png



6. Set up the Subject of your verification email.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_6_new.png

Make sure that your subject line is catchy enough to make your new subscribers give their consent by clicking on the verification link contained inside the email.


7. Check the confirmation message.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_7_new.png

We wrote the content for you, but you can always edit the HTML message in our editor. Just make sure that you include the #VerificationLink# tag, otherwise, it will automatically be placed at the bottom of the message.


8. Click on the Save button when you're done.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_8_new.png



9. Set the Consent confirmation landing page, by specifying the URL of your confirmation page. Please note that this step is optional. Then tap on the Save button.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_9_new.png


B. Create segments

Now that the double opt-in process is set up for every new subscriber, all that remains to be done is to find all the subscribers who are not yet verified through a double opt-in process and ask for their consent. To achieve this, you will create a segment containing those unverified subscribers.


10. Click on the Segments option, located on the menu on the left.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_10_new.png



11. Click on the Create Segment button.verify_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_11_new.png



12. Click on the Create custom segment button located on the right top corner and then fill in the name of your segment in the available text area. Use a name that will help you identify the segment easily.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_12_new.png



13. Click on the Add Criteria button.how_verify_existing_sibscribers_for_GDPR__13_new.png



14. Choose the Verified for Double Opt-in option, from the first drop-down menu.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_14_new.png



15. Select the option is false, on the second drop-down menu.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_15_new.png

This way all the subscribers who are not verified via the double opt-in mechanism are selected by this segment.


16. Click on the Save segment button when you're done.How_can_I_verify_my_existing_subscribers_for_GDPR_16_new.png



C. Ask for consent

Now that you have segmented your mailing list, you can contact the non-verified subscribers by sending them a campaign, asking them to re-subscribe to your mailing list. Everyone who does so will receive the confirmation e-mail you created, giving you their consent.

Don't forget that your segment is dynamic. This means that every subscriber who gets verified will automatically be removed from the segment.