How can I set my own URL instead of

It is not uncommon to require having your own URL appearing when you sign in your Moosend account. Especially if you're an Agency and want to give account access to your clients - there's no need for Moosend to appear anywhere. That's why we offer a way to completely transform Moosend into an email marketing platform with your characteristics and branding!

To change the URL just follow the steps below:

1.Click on the Account button, located on the top right corner of your Moosend account. 

2. Click on the Customize Site option, on the menu that appears. 

3. Type your own domain name in the Domain Name field and click on the Save button to apply your changes.


Before making any changes make sure you have access to your domain's DNS records! Your domain name registrar or hosting provider will be able to assist you in finding additional information about your DNS records.

If your site address is then your Moosend login page is You have to add a CNAME record to your DNS for your domain, a subdomain similar to the example. Whatever your CNAME record is, it will need to point to

4. Click on the Verify button to verify your domain. 


Please note that it may take at least 30 minutes for any changes you've made to propagate around the web.