Can I use a Gmail | Hotmail | Yahoo email address as the sender of my campaigns?

When you register in Moosend using your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other non-professional email address, you are automatically prohibited from sending any email marketing campaigns to your mailing lists.

A personal address, such as the ones provided by Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, is very likely to have your email campaigns considered as Spam from various filters used by email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others. They have good reasons! 

Email service providers consider newsletter campaigns as something only professionals do and so they won't allow any such emails to be properly delivered if the sender email is a non-professional one. To this end, we strongly urge you to register for Moosend's services using a professional email address - one that will easily be recognized by your recipients.

If you've already registered using your personal address there's no reason to worry. As was previously mentioned, you won't be able to send out a campaign, but you can always add a new sender to your account, using a professional email address this time. 

After you verify the new sender address you'll be free to proceed with dispatching your first campaigns using it as a sender.