Can I put my company’s information inside my newsletter using personalization tags?

In case you want to insert tags inside your newsletter, so as to provide your subscribers with information on your company’s contact details, just follow these simple steps.

When you are asked to Define the HTML content of your message, you see the option Add personalization tags at the bottom of your Campaign Editor. A series of possibilities are given at the drop down menu, to personalize content into your message using tags.

Place your cursor into the body of your newsletter’s code above, at the spot you would like this link to appear.

Then, select one of the following options listed below, to insert from here information on your company, and choose to Add option.

The options you have are: 

- Account Company: the tag #account:company# appears which will display your company’s name as listed under Account Settings, Personal Information, Company in your Moosend account. For instance, you can write: This email was sent to you by#account:company# inside your newsletter, so that your recipient knows the sender of this email newsletter.

- Account VAT: #account:vat# this tag will display your organization’s VAT number as listed under Account Settings, Personal Information, VAT.

- Account Email: the tag #account:email# appears, which displays the company email that you used when you registered in Moosend. For instance you can write in your newsletter: You can reach us at #account:email#

- Account Address: the tag #account:address# appears which will display your company’s postal address as listed under Account Settings, Address information. You can now write at your newsletter We are located at #account:address#. 

You will see how these tags appear inside your HTML, by selecting to Preview the newsletter. 

Select Company Information personalization tags from the dropdown list

In case you don't wish to use our editor, you can insert the tags mentioned above, #account:company# , #account:vat#, #account:email# or #account:address# directly into the body of your HTML.

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