How can I insert a Forward to a Friend link into my newsletter?

We got you covered, as we automatically provide a link to all subscribers to forward your email to their friends, and we automatically put it at the bottom of the email you send which will only be shown when the recipient views your newsletter in his browser.

In case you want to insert this tag inside your newsletter, so as to make it more visible for your subscribers, just follow these simple steps.

When you are asked to Define the HTML content of your message, and right under your Campaign Editor, you see the option Add personalization tags

Place your cursor into the body of your newsletter’s code above at the spot you want this link to appear.

Then, select the Forward to a Friend Link and choose to Add option.

You will see that the  #forwardToFriendLink# appears inside your HTML, and you can select to Preview the newsletter.

Select the forward to a friend personalization tag from the dropdown list

In case you don't wish to use our editor, this #forwardToFriendLink# is the tag you can use to insert the Forward to a Friend  link directly into the body of your HTML.

When your subscriber chooses this link, our Forward Our Email to a Friend form appears where he puts his own info as well as his friend’s info together with a personal message if he wishes.

Now it is more visible for recipients to forward your news and offers to their friends, but do not forget to give them an incentive to do that, e.g. “Forward our newsletter to a friend and win a 5$ discount on your next purchase”. Furthermore, the Forward to a Friend link which is automatically put by us at the bottom of your email, disappears.

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