Can I move the Update Profile link to the top of my newsletter instead, to urge subscribers to give me their personal information?

Moosend automatically adds an Update Profile link to urge your subscribers to update their profile, by giving you information that you might have missed. The link is placed at the bottom of every campaign you send and can be seen only when the campaign is viewed through the recipient's browser.

It sometimes might be a good idea to move this link in a more prominent place inside your newsletter, so as to gather more information from your subscribers. 

The quickest and most practical way to insert this link in your newsletters is by using Moosend's Campaign Editor, just follow these simple steps:

1. Drag-n'-drop a Text Element in the Container of your choice.Customize Update Profile Link Step 1 : Drag n drop a Text element

We chose the Text Element as the most straightforward example. You can choose the Element type that best fits your campaign design as long as you can add text inside it!

2. Click on the Text Element you just added.
Customize Update Profile Link Step 2 : Click on the Text element

3. Type-in a text of your choice in the available area.
Customize Update Profile Link Step 3 : Typein a text of your choice

Keep in mind that your link is meant to act as an Update Profile Link. You can be as creative as you like with the text, but it's worth making sure that your recipients know where to click if they decide to provide you with additional info!

4. Select the part of the text you want to act as an Update Profile Link.
Customize Update Profile Link Step 4 : Select the part of your text you want to use

5. Click on the Link button, located on the text editor area above your Text Element.
Customize Update Profile Link Step 5 : Click on the link button

A pop-up window appears.

6. Type-in the #updateProfileLink# tag, on the available URL field.  
Customize Update Profile Link Step 6 : Type in the #unsubscribeLink# tag

The Protocol option will automatically change to <other> to suit the type of URL you just added. 

7. Click on the OK button. 
Customize Update Profile Link Step 7 : Click the OK button

When your subscribers click on this link our Update Profile form appears, where they can add personal information that you have specified as your Custom Fields. Your mailing list is automatically updated to include the new information.

8. Use the styling options of the text editor area to restyle your link, by changing its color, font, size, alignment and other characteristics as you see fit. Customize Update Profile Link Step 8 : Use the styling options to restyle your link

You'll also find the Update Profile Link option inside the Personalization tags drop-down list, located on the Text Parameters pop-up. By clicking on the Update Profile Link option from the drop-down menu you can get a quick reminder of how the tag looks like, or you can just copy and paste it from here:


If you add the #updateProfileLink# tag inside your text without turning it into a link, as explained above, then your recipients will see the complete URL for the link when they receive your campaign. In either case, the link will appear inside your design, while the Update Profile link which is automatically placed by Moosend at the bottom of your campaign will disappear since it's been replaced by the one you just added.