Can I put the Update Profile link into my newsletter, and not at the bottom, so as to urge my subscribers to enter their personal information?

Moosend automatically provides a link to all subscribers to update their profile, meaning to give more information that you may have missed like name, surname etc. which is put at the bottom of every campaign you send and only shows when viewed in the recipient's browser.

In case you want to insert this tag inside your newsletter, so as to gather more information from your subscribers, just follow these simple steps.

When you are asked to Define the HTML content of your message, and right under your Campaign Editor, you see the option Add personalization tags. A series of possibilities are given here to personalize content into your message using tags.

Put your cursor into the body of your newsletter’s code above at the spot you want this link to appear.

Then, select the Update Profile Link and choose to Add option.

Update Profile Tag Step 1 : Add the Update profile tag from the personilization tags dropdown list

You will see that the #updateProfileLink# appears inside your HTML, and you can select to Preview the newsletter.

 Update Profile Tag Step 2 : Make sure you can see the tag in the HTML text area

In case you don't wish to use our editor, this #updateProfileLink# is the tag you can use to insert the Update Profile link directly into the body of your HTML.

When your subscriber chooses this link, our Update Profile form appears where he can enter other personal information you have specified at your custom fields. Your mailing list will automatically be updated with the new information.

Now it is more visible for subscribers to enter their personal information and update their subscription preferences, but do not forget to give them an incentive to do that. Also, theUpdate Profile link which is automatically put by us at the bottom of your email disappears.

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