How do I customize the unsubscribe link in my campaigns?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


Moosend fully conforms with the CAN-SPAM laws which mandate that the presence of an unsubscribe link in all email marketing campaigns is mandatory. If you don't wish to add your own unsubscribe link when defining the content of your campaign, one will be added automatically!

This way we make sure that you won't get in trouble. You might not have the choice of not including an unsubscribe link in your newsletter (and why wouldn't you want one anyway?) but you can be as creative with its design and customize the way people unsubscribe from your mailing lists; and that's what you should do!

How about using CSS to personalize the appearance of the unsubscribe link? Why not point the link to eye catching unsubscribe images persuading any would-be unsubscribes to stay around.

After you've started defining your newsletter design's structure using our Campaign Editor you get to fully customize your unsubscribe links. Let's see how that's done:

1. Drag-n'-drop a Text Element in the Container of your choice. Customize Unsubscribe Link Step 1 : Drag n drop a Text element

We chose Text as a straightforward example. You can choose the Element type that best fits your campaign design as long as you can add text inside it.

2. Click on the Text Element you just added.

3. Type-in a text of your choice in the available area.

Keep in mind that your link is meant to act as an unsubscribe link! You can be as creative as you like, but it's worth making sure that your recipients know where to click if they decide to unsubscribe from your campaigns.

4. Select the part of the text you want to act as an unsubscribe link.

5. Click on the Link button, located on the text editor area above your Text Element.

Alternatively you can use the (Ctrl+L) key combo. A pop-up window appears.

6. Select the #unsubscribeLink#​​​​​​​ tag, from the available drop down menu.

7. Click on the OK button.

8. Use the styling options of the text editor area to restyle your link, by changing its color, font, size, alignment and other characteristics as you see fit. INSERT-LINK-MOOSEND-EDITOR-A8-2.png