How can I forward a campaign to a friend?

You never realize how much your subscribers love your campaigns until they forward one to their friends.  That's why it always pays to give them this option. It increases the outreach of your campaigns and protects you from some unintentional unsubscribe issues which may occur if you force your subscribers to use their email service provider's email forwarding option.

In every campaign that is sent through Moosend there's a Forward to a Friend link added automatically at the bottom of the newsletter. Please note that the link can only be seen when your subscribers choose to view the campaign through their browsers, using the View in Browser option.

If you'd prefer that the Forward to a Friend link is immediately visible from inside the email, without having to view the campaign on the browser, all you have to do is add the relevant personalization tag 
(namely the Forward to a Friend tag which is #forwardToFriendLink#) while in the process of defining the content of your newsletter.

When the recipient of your campaign clicks on the link, a new window will open inside their browser, giving them the option to fill-in the name of the friend and the required email. 
Forward to a friend Step 1 : Fill in your friend's details

They can also type their own name, as well as a personal message for their friend!

Once all the relevant fields are filled, clicking on the Forward to a Friend button will dispatch a new campaign to the friend's email address, along with the message your subscriber has added. 
Forward to a friend Step 2 : Click on the Forward to friend button