How can I forward a campaign to a friend?

In every campaign that is sent with Moosend we add a "Forward to a Friend" link at the bottom of the newsletter, as shown in the following picture.

Please note, though, that the following link will be seen only when the email campaign is viewed in the recipient's browser. 

Forward Newsletter To Friend Step 1 : You can find the link on the bottom of the newsletter

If you want the "Forward to a Friend" link to be visible when the campaign is viewed through an email client, you will have to add the corresponding personalization tag when you define the content of your campaign.

To forward the newsletter to a friend, click on the link as highlighted in the picture below.

Forward Newsletter To Friend Step 2 : Click on the Forward to a friend link

By clicking on the link a new window will open in your browser, where you have to fill in some fields, such as the name of the recipient and her email. You can also type your name and a personal Message that your friend will read when opening the email.

Forward Newsletter To Friend Step 3 :Fill in the fields with your friend's details

Once you have filled in the fields mentioned above, click on the "Forward to a Friend" button to have the email sent.

Forward Newsletter To Friend Step 4 :Click on the Forward to a Friend button