Can my subscribers change their name and email address?

It's a good idea to give your subscribers the option to be able to change their name and email address if they want to. Actually, it's an excellent idea! If one of your subscribers has just changed email address and they're kind enough to let you know, that means that they like your email marketing campaigns enough to save you from having their email bounce back. So, giving them the opportunity to do that is good practice and we totally support it - so does our platform!

In every campaign that is sent through Moosend there's an Update Profile link added automatically at the bottom of the newsletter. Please note that the link can only be seen when your subscribers choose to view the campaign through their browsers, using the View in Browser option.

If you'd prefer that the the Update Profile link is immediately visible from inside the email, without having to view the campaign on the browser, all you have to do is add the relevant personalization tag (namely the Update Profile tag which is #updateProfileLink#) while in the process of defining the content of your newsletter.


When the recipient of your campaign clicks on the link, a new window will open inside their browser, giving them the option to fill-in a new name and a new email address. 
Update profile Step 1 : Fill in the details

Any changes they've made will apply as soon as the subscriber clicks on the Update Profile button. 
Update profile Step 2 : Click on the Update profile button

The Update Profile tag isn't the only personalization tag available - there are a lot of other personalization tags which you can use to great effect in your campaigns!