Can I use Google Analytics on my campaigns?

If you already have a Google Analytics account linked to your website, you can easily track any link clicks from your campaign. 

Just make sure you have engaged the appropriate setting inside your Google Analytics account to track conversions, and then follow the simple steps below during your Campaign Creation process or when editing a draft campaign you are still working on.

1. Click on Type and Sender, which is the first step of the process. Enable Google Analytics Step 1 : Create new campaign and click on the Type and Sender button

2. Check the Track your campaign in Google Analytics box at the bottom of the page. Enable Google Analytics Step 2 : Check the box to enable google analytics for your campaign

3. Click on the Next button to apply your changes. Enable Google Analytics Step 3 : Click Next for the changes to apply

You are now ready to track any traffic coming from this campaign to your site!