Can I add just one subscriber to a mailing list?

Moosend makes importing multiple subscribers extremely easy. All you have to do is upload a file to our platform! But it might be the case that you only need to add one subscriber to an existing mailing list.

No need to trouble yourself with uploading files, just follow the steps described below:

1. Click on the Mailing lists button on the menu located on the left side of your Control Panel page Add One member Step 1 : Click on the Mailing Lists button on the Menu

2. Click on the name of the mailing list to which you want to add a new subscriber Add One member Step 2 : Select any email marketing mailing list

3. Click on the Manage members button  Add One member Step 3 : Click on the Option Manage Members

4. Click on the Add members tab  Add One member Step 4 : Click on the Add Members tab

5. Make sure that you fill-in your new recipient's data correctly Add One member Step 5 : Type in member's details

6. Click on the Add member button and you're done! Add One member Step 6 : Click on the Add Member button