How can I customize the subscription and unsubscription process of my mailing list?

Building an email marketing mailing list is indeed serious business. To that end we want to make sure you fully customize the process of subscription and unsubscription so that you get the best results possible, while keeping your potential newsletter recipients, your subscribers and even your unsubscribes happy.

Don't worry, customization is easy! Right below we will show you how deep you can customize the different subscription and unsubscription processes:

A. Redirect to a specific webpage upon subscription

1. Click on the List Settings button. 

2. Regardless which option you have selected,

i) Use single Opt-in for this list

ii) Activate Double Opt-in for this list but continue sending to all subscribers

iii) Activate Double Opt-in for this list and only send to verified subscribers

you have to choose the Confirmation Page(s) tab.


 3. Insert the complete URL address that you want your new subscribers to be redirected to. 

 4. Click the Save button to apply your changes. 


B. Send a welcome email upon subscription

 1. If you want to send a Welcome E-mail, you can do that only by selecting the: Use single Opt-in for  this list option.

2. Define the Sender of your email from the drop-down menu, and fill in the Subject field right underneath. 

3. Type the message that you want your new subscribers to receive. 

 4. Click on the Save button to apply your changes. 

Do note that using this method the email your new subscribers will be receiving is of the Plain Text variety. If you prefer to send a more exquisite email with cool design features and images you should definitely check out what our automation capabilities have to offer!

C. Redirect to a webpage upon unsubscription

 1. Select the Redirect After Unsubscribe tab. 

 2. Insert the complete URL address that you want your unsubscribes to be redirected to.

Why not use this chance to make a short survey of the reasons why your ex-subscriber decided to leave your mailing list? Is it due to lack of interest or perhaps due to the frequency of our campaigns? You can make most of this page in order to optimize your newsletters and your business.

 3. Click on the Save button to apply your changes. 


D. Customize the Unsubscribe Settings:

1. Click Account and then the Account Settings option.



2. Toggle whether you prefer to have list members who unsubscribe be set as unsubscribed from your entire account, or from that specific mailing list. 

One very practical application of this option is when you handle different websites, with different products, which in turn have different mailing lists. If a subscriber decides to unsubscribe from a specific product's list, you can retain their subscription to the other product lists to which they have subscribed. 

 3. Click on the Save button to apply the changes you made.