How can I customize the subscription and unsubscription process of my mailing list?

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Building an email marketing mailing list is essential to your business. To that end we have made sure you fully customize the process of subscription and unsubscription so that you get the best results possible.

Right below we will show you how you can customize the different subscription and unsubscription processes:

A. Redirect to a webpage after clicking on the verification link

1. Click on the Settings tab.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_1-new.png




2. If you have chosen one of the following options from the Opt-in settings menu: 

ii) Activate Double Opt-in for this list but continue sending to all subscribers (Soft Double Opt-in)

iii) Activate Double Opt-in for this list and only send to verified subscribers (Strong Double Opt-in)

you can set a consent confirmation landing page, redirecting them this way to your own landing page instead of the Moosend default one.


At the bottom of the page, insert in the Landing page URL box area the complete address of the landing page that you want your new subscribers to be redirected to, right after clicking on the verification link.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_2-new.png



3. Click on the Save button to apply your changes.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_3-new.png 



B. Redirect to a specific webpage upon unsubscription

1. Click on the Settings tab.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_4-new.png 



2. In case your list has double opt-in enabled, you can also set an unsubscription page, redirecting them this way to your own unsubscription page instead of the Moosend default one.

On the top of the page, you can set your unsubscribe settings by inserting in the Redirect page URL box area the complete URL address that you want your unsubscribes to be redirected to, right after unsubscribing from your mailing list.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_5-new.png



3. Click on the Save button to apply the changes made.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_6-new.png



C. Customize the Unsubscribe Settings:

1. Once inside a particular mailing list, click on the Dashboard tab of your mailing list and then on the Account Settings option on the right top corner.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_7-new.png



2. In Unsubscribe Settings, choose whether you prefer to have list members who unsubscribe be set as unsubscribed from your entire account, or from this specific mailing list (which means that you can keep sending them from other mailing lists).How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_8-new.png

This option is really practically applied when you handle different websites, with different products, which in turn have different mailing lists. Therefore, if a subscriber decides to unsubscribe from a specific product list, you can retain their subscription in the other product lists to which they have subscribed. 



3. Click on the Save button to apply the changes made.How_can_I_customize_the_subscription_and_unsubscription_process_of_my_mailing_list_9-new.png