What does “Queued for sending” mean?

Sometimes you may notice that one of your campaign's status is indicated as Queued for sending. Naturally you might be inclined to ask, what does this mean and how long will you need to wait "in queue"?


Our servers send out campaigns immediately, which means that your campaigns are dispatched instantly. But sometimes, if it so happens that there is a large backlog of campaigns to be sent out, you might occasionally wait in a queue. In the queue the average waiting time is less than a few seconds and will not exceed the duration of two minutes.

If your campaign status does not change from "Queued from sending" after a small period of time you are advised to verify that the sender you have assigned for this particular campaign is a valid professional email address and not a private email address - this is a common issue which does not allow your campaign to be dispatched and keeps it in queue.

If your sender address is a valid professional address and yet the campaign seems not to leave the queue please contact our support team. We're very proud of our support team and its eagerness to help you out. Rest assured, you're in good hands!