Can I import more than 500 recipients at once?

We know that not all mailing lists are created equal. That's why Moosend offers you several options on how to upload your recipients to your mailing list, depending on what your list's needs are. Efficiency is key!

Small and efficient!

If you just want to upload a small amount of new members and can't be bothered to create and upload a file, you can always use the available copy and paste method. What this entails is that when your list contains up to 500 members, you can copy your list and paste it on a designated area to add members along with their details all at once.

If the members have given you their consent via Double Optin, you should click the checkbox : I have consent for these members from an external source. Add them as verified.


Large and clever!

If your list contains more than 500 members you can use one of our super cool plugins to get it to do the uploading work for you. Our platform can connect with your Google or your Salesforce account and bring your contacts as members on one for your mailing lists. For everything else, you can just import your list using an Excel or CSV file. Formats like .xls .xlsx .csv or .txt work perfectly!