Can I see who has unsubscribed from my Mailing List?

Following the CAN-SPAM Act, every email sent through the Moosend platform contains a
One-Click-Unsubscribe link at the end of every newsletter, giving your recipients the option to unsubscribe from your email marketing campaigns if they so wish. When a recipient unsubscribes from one of your mailing lists, the list will automatically get updated and the former recipient will be moved to the Unsubscribed e-mails tab of the specific list.

To view how many people have unsubscribed from a particular mailing list follow the steps described below:

1. Click on the Mailing lists button found on the menu on the left side of your Control Panel page.Check unsubscribed members Step 1 : Click on Mailing Lists button on menu


2.  Click on the name of the mailing list the statistics of which you want to view.Check unsubscribed members Step 2 : Select an email marketing mailing list


3. Scroll down to see the different tabs of statistics for the Mailing List you have chosen. Your options are:

  • All e-mails
  • Active e-mails
  • Removed e-mails
  • Bounced-emails
  • Unsubscribed e-mails

Check unsubscribed members Step 3 : Click on the unsubscribe rate to see the unsubscribed members

These statistics give you insight on the current state of the subscribers contained in the specific list, including the mailing list's unsubscribe rate. Clicking on the Unsubscribed e-mails metric will give you the list of members who have unsubscribed from the current mailing list.