Does Moosend manage my unsubscribed members and complaints automatically?

Moosend manages all unsubscribes automatically and in real-time!

Keeping both you and your mailing list subscribers happy is very important. To this end, every email marketing campaign sent through the Moosend platform needs to include a One-Click-Unsubscribe link to give your subscribers the option to remove themselves from your list if they so wish. If you prefer not to add your own link the Moosend platform will include one for you, which can always be styled according to your brand identity.

Once your email campaign recipients click on the unsubscribe link they are instantly removed from your mailing list and added to your suppressed recipients. This means that you won't be able to send newsletters to them in the future.

There are two ways for you to view the people who have unsubscribed. Directly from your account you can:

  • View all the unsubscribes of each campaign from the Reports page
  • View all the unsubscribes of a specific mailing list from your Mailing Lists page


A. View the unsubscribes of a specific campaign

1. Click on the Reports button on the vertical menu located on the left side of your Control Panel page. View unsubscribes Step 1 : Click on the Reports button on the menu 

2. Click on the specific Campaign Name the unsubscribes of which you want to view. Unsubscribe and Spam Step 2 : Select the Email Marketing Campaign 

3. On the page that appears, you can see both the number and the percentage of people who unsubscribed when they received this particular campaign. Unsubscribe and Spam Step 3 : View unsubscribe rate 

4. Right next to the campaign pie-chart you will find both the number and percentage of people who considered your campaign as spam and asked to be removed from your mailing list. Unsubscribe and Spam Step 4 : View spam reports rate 

B. View the unsubscribes of a particular mailing list

1. Click on the Mailing Lists button on the menu located on the left side of your Control Panel page. Unsubscribe and Spam Step 5 : Click on Mailing Lists button on the menu 

2. Click on the name of the mailing list the unsubscribes of which you want to view. Unsubscribe and Spam Step 6 : Select the email marketing mailing list you want to view 

3. Scroll down to see the available tabs which contain information on the current state of the people contained in the specific list, including the unsubscribes. Clicking on each metric will give you a list of the members included in the particular category. Unsubscribe and Spam Step 7 : Scroll down to view unsubscribe rate

4. Click on the Removed e-mails tab. This tab contains the email addresses which were removed automatically since the recipients either reported your campaign as spam or your newsletter was never delivered due to a hard bounceUnsubscribe and Spam Step 8 : Clck to see Remove Members