How can I add symbols like ☂ ☁ ✈ ♥ ♫ in my subject line?

Adding symbols in the subject lines of your email marketing campaigns can do more than just make them look prettier - they can increase the open rate of your campaigns if done right and with proper measure.

A. Adding symbols

To add symbols like these you have two options:

  • You can just copy the desired symbols (e.g. ☂ ☁ ✈) and then paste them directly on your subject line. Certain symbols do not have a keyboard shortcut assigned to them, so you have to use the Copy & Paste function of your keyboard to insert them anywhere.

  • You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the desired symbol and use that to insert the symbol as you would any letter.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Find the symbol you need in your word processor. That is usually done by clicking on Insert and then on  Symbol and choosing the symbol you want from a wide variety of options.

2. Assign a shortcut to the symbol, by choosing which button will insert this symbol once pressed.

B. Using shortcuts

If, for instance, you want to assign the Alt+3 shortcut to the heart symbol ♥, click Assign and then press the Alt+3 button combination on your keyboard. Every time you want to add "♥" you'll just have to press the Alt+3 combination on your keyboard. Similarly the sun symbol "☼" is Alt+15.

It's easy to find more details on all symbols and their shortcuts!

Oh, and keep in mind that little symbols like the ones above look way better when you opened from a smartphone. Try using them on your campaigns to recipients who usually open your newsletters using their smartphones and see how your open rates skyrocket!