Why is my campaign's status set as "Draft"?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


You can always check the current Status for each of your campaigns by navigating to your Campaign page. The Campaign Table located in the page contains vital information about your campaigns and works as an overview of your work inside Moosend.

Checking a campaign's status is just a click away! Let's see how it's done:
1. Click on the Campaignbutton, located on the left side of your Control Panel page.  Email Marketing Campaign Status : Click on the Campaigns button

2. You will find Status on the third column of the Campaign Table. Email Marketing Campaign Status  Check the campaigns' status

If your campaign's current status is designated as "Draft" this is meant to show that the campaign creation procedure was not finalized - there are still campaign steps that need to be completed before it can be dispatched. The tag is there to remind you that your campaign is left uncompleted!

For your convenience you can check the remaining steps, the ones which need to be completed before the campaign can be dispatched, by looking at the campaign's Snapshot.