Can you see a chart of your campaign's Opens and Clicks over time

Reporting is a major part of sending out newsletters since email marketing is based on the feedback or insight you get on how your campaign is performing. Our platform makes sure you get all the reporting you need, in a clear, good-looking format. 

Looking at clicks and opens over time will give you some indication of how your recipients react to your campaign as time progresses. To check this information follow the steps below:

1. At the top of your Dashboard page, hover your mouse over the Reports tab to reveal the drop-down menu, and then click on the Campaign Reports option.opens_and_clicks_chart_1.png

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose performance you want to check. 

You will then be transferred to the Performance overview page where you can see a chart full of useful information about your campaign's clicks and opens. The chart will start displaying results a few minutes after your campaign has been sent out.

3. You can either monitor the results immediately or come back later as more information is gathered.

4. Change the display period by clicking on the Hour or Day buttons located above your chart. You can also click on the options Unique Opens or Unique Link Clicks to see the graph separately for each option.opens_and_clicks_chart_2.png


Click on the three-dots icon in the top right corner above the chart to send the information in CSV format to your account's email, or to download it as a pdf (just select your preferred format from the drop-down menu that appears).opens_and_clicks_chart_3.png

Note that the pdf option downloads the chart itself, whereas the CSV option sends you the full data used to produce the graph.