Will my campaign reports always be available?

When the time comes to get feedback on the effectiveness of your email marketing the first place you need to look at is your Campaign Overview. As its title says, this page will give you a quick but thorough overview of how your campaign is fairing out there in the wild! 

Α. An overview

The campaign Overview of any of your campaigns contains the basic reporting statistics:

This type of information regarding a campaign you have sent out is and will always be available for you to view. To visit the Campaign Overview page just do the following:

1. Click on the Reports button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page.

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose Overview you want to check. 

B. Getting into the details

Moosend's reporting offerings don't just stop there. You also have the following options: 

  • Recipient Activity
  • Link Performance
  • Email Client Tracking and Mobile Devices Tracking
  • Activity by Location

The general statistics of these reporting options, for example the total/unique percentages (Open rate, click through rate etc) and the total/unique reporting numbers, will still be available; however, you won't be able to see or export emails, as those will be archived 6 months after your campaign has been sent out. Also, note that emails that have received your campaign but have not interacted with it, are only listed in your report for 90 days.

This is adequate time for you to export your recipient-based statistics as a csv or a pdf file should you wish to retain this information on your past campaigns!