What is the deliverability rate of messages sent through your system?

Deliverability in a very important and complicated concept when it comes to email marketing services. In simple words, deliverability, is a way to measure how successful a campaign you sent was in terms of reaching the Inbox of each recipient, instead of going to the Junk or Spam folder of the recipient’s email client.


There are two major factors which affect the deliverability rates of a campaign. The first is the reputation of the Sender who dispatches the email campaigns. The second and equally important factor it the content of your messages.

Following the link you can learn more on those factors causing your emails to be marked as spam.

 Moosend’s architecture and infrastructure guarantees the maximum deliverability rate possible.

You can see here that our servers are reviewed by Senderscore, a well known Email Reputation organization, with 98% reputation. This ensures the maximum deliverability rate possible for your email messages, and there placement into the recipients' inbox.

 Moosend Sender Score Deliverability


At the same time, Moosend provides tools for our users to maximize their deliverability rates.

Some of these handy tools are antispam checks, scheduled sending, SPF and DKIM implementations, soft bounces auto resend.