How can I create an A/B split test campaign?

Sometimes, when you create an email marketing campaign, you may often wonder if a different Subject Line or content would improve your campaign's performance. Moosend's A/B Split Test Campaign is here to help you test how small changes, such as the ones mentioned earlier, might impact your results.

Let's see now how you can create your new A/Β Split Test Campaign.

First, to create a new campaign click on the corresponding button on the top of the page, as highlighted in the picture below. 

A/B Split Campaign Step 1 : Create new Campaign

Next, on the first step of the campaign creation, define the type of the campaign as A/B Split Test Campaign by clicking on the corresponding tab as shown in the following picture.

A/B Split Campaign Step 2 : Click on the tab to define campaign type

Our next step is to define based on which characteristic the campaign versions will be created. You can choose from any of the following: the Subject Line, the Campaign Content or the Campaign Sender.

Just follow the instructions below for the case that best fits your needs.

A/B Split Campaign Step 3 : Fill in email marketing campaign settings


Versions with different Subject Lines.

Choose the first option as highlighted below to set an easily identifiable name for your campaign for internal use and then set a “Subject A” and a “Subject B” for your campaign, to see which one will work best to a portion of your list. Choose the Sender of the campaigns, as set at the Account Settings – Sender Signatures, and track it if you wish with Google Analytics.

A/B Split Campaign Step 4 : Different subject line


Versions with different Content

By choosing the second option, you can check two different HTML files, with different messages or photos and see which one works best. Set an easily identifiable Campaign Name, set a Subject and choose the Sender of the campaigns (from those set at your Account Settings – Sender Signatures), and track it if you wish with Google Analytics.

The two versions of the content will be added on later steps, as highlighted in the following picture. When you reach the point of Defining the HTML Content A and Content B you will have to import your two different HTML files, either from a web location or from your computer.

A/B Split Campaign Step 5 : Different content versions


Versions with different Senders

Would it be best if it was a person’s name, or a company’s name? Let your recipients decide. Set an easily identifiable Campaign Name, set a Subject and choose two different Senders of your campaigns, from the ones set at the Account Settings – Sender.

Track it if you wish with Google Analytics.

A/B Split Campaign Step 6 : Different sender versions

Once you have added all the basic information needed to set up your A/B Split Campaign, click on the Next button to continue.

A/B Split Campaign Step 7 : Click the next button to set mailing list

Now, click on the Mailing Lists which you want to receive your newsletter campaign. You can choose as many as you want.

A/B Split Campaign Step 8 :Select mailing lists

For each mailing list you previously chose, you have two options. Those are to either send your newsletter to the entire list or to segments of it.

A/B Split Campaign Step 9 :Select whole mailing list or segment

Click the Next Button to continue.

To prepare your email you can either import an HTML file or link your campaign to a URL. Just click on the Import Campaign tab, highlighted in the picture below. Then select the option that best fits you campaign's design.

A/B Split Campaign Step 10 : Click import campaign

For more elaborate and even more customized results, your can use Moosend's powerful Campaign Editor.

All you have to do is click on the Use Campaign Editor tab.

A/B Split Campaign Step 11 : Use the Moosend Campaign Editor

Keep in mind, that if you have chosen to create an A/B Split Test Campaign for different versions of content you will have to define the content of your campaign newsletter twice, once for each version.

Hit next to continue to the exciting next step of defining which your winner version will be.

It is now time to set the "test group" and the "winner group". As you may have already guessed, the "test group" are the people who will receive the different campaign versions, and their activity will then define the winning version that  will be sent to the rest of the mailing list, called "winner group".

By dragging the bar highlighted in the picture below, you can set how many subscribers will be the test group. The yellow part of the graph represents the amount of people who will receive the winning campaign.

A/B Split Campaign Step 12 : Set test group and winner group

 The next step is to define on which rate the winning version will be decided. You have two options. Those are the open rate and the number of unique clicks. The campaign version with the highest rate will be the winning one. Just check the circle next to the option that best fits your plan.

A/B Split Campaign Step 13 : Set winning factor

It's now time to set for how much time the test will take place before the winning campaign is decided.

The maximum duration of the test is 24 hours, while the minimum is 1 hour. To set the duration, just drag the square on the white line. 

A/B Split Campaign Step 14 : Set test duration

Now that you have made all the settings for the winning campaign, click Next.

A/B Split Campaign Step 15 : Click next

On the next page click on Skip Test. You can of course send a test mail but bear in mind that the test email address will only receive the A version of the A/B Split Test Campaign.

A/B Split Campaign Step 16 : Click Skip Test

You have two options, either to send your campaign immediately or schedule it to be sent later.

By selecting Immediate Delivery, your campaign will be placed on our delivery queue and be sent out as soon as possible.

A/B Split Campaign Step 17 : Select immediate delivery to send immediately

Alternatively, you can choose to schedule your campaign to be sent later, as shown in the following picture, in which case your campaign will be put on hold and sent out at the date and time you specify. 

A/B Split Campaign Step 18 : Schedule your campaign to be sent later

To specify the date and time, click on the Date Time field and a pop up window will appear for you to set the date and time your campaign will be dispatched.

A/B Split Campaign Step 19 : Specify Date Time

Then click on Done button, as shown in the following picture.

A/B Split Campaign Step 20 : Click on the Done button

Next, you will have to select the Timezone from the corresponding drop down list.

 You just have to be careful with the time zone you have set in your Account Settings and the time of delivery. If you choose to send your campaign at 16:00 o'clock and your timezone is GMT+1, then your campaign will be sent at 17:00 o' clock. 

A/B Split Campaign Step 21 : Select the correct timezone

 To apply the changes and proceed to the next step of your campaign creation, click on the Next button.

A/B Split Campaign Step 22 : Click on the Next button

You are now on the Snapshot step where you can see all the settings you previously made for your A/B Split Campaign. Once you have checked that everything looks OK click Send on the bottom of the page to send your campaign.