How do I get started with my Moosend account?

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Moosend provides all the necessary tools to get you started down your email marketing path. If you're well underway on your email marketing journey and you just traversed through other ESPs to our platform, you'll be happy to know that we give you state-of-the art features that will expand your toolbox and make your life easier.  

You can start by creating your Moosend account. As soon as you're done and you've logged in to your personal Moosend domain, you'll be ready to use our amazingly diverse pallet of email marketing services.

The platform prompts you to get started on your first steps. Let's get a glimpse of what each one entails:

A. Create your first sender signature

A Sender Signature is the name and email address that your recipients will be seeing in their inbox's "From:" field, each time they receive your newsletter. This is set by default as the email address you registered with, but you're not limited to just that - you can add as many senders to your account as you wish.

B. Create your first mailing list

You will have to create an empty mailing list and then fill it up with your subscribers. It's a good idea to start by making some custom fields which can be used for inputting data that you collect on your subscribers. Later on you'll be able to use these fields inside your newsletters to give them a personal touch. Custom fields are also used on your segmentation filtering to divide your lists in creative ways you've never imaged possible! Make sure that you also generate a subscription form and have it embedded on your web site, so that your site visitors can register to your mailing list automatically.

C. Fill up your mailing list

As soon as you're done creating your mailing list exactly the way you want it, you can go ahead and fill it up with subscribers. You have different options at your disposal: you can import your subscribers from an external source using .csv or .txt files, or you can just copy and paste their data. Map the columns of data from your source to the available fields (including the custom fields you've created) and we'll handle the rest!

D. Create your first email marketing campaign

You should now be ready to create your first email marketing campaign. Start by selecting a campaign type and then entering a stunning subject for it. Choose the sender who will send the campaign and the mailing list which will receive it. Finally, you'll define the campaign content and have it sent out to the world! You can choose between sending it right away or scheduling it for a later time. Either way it's a good idea to first send out a test campaign to you and your colleagues and preview how your actual campaign looks like. Once your campaign is dispatched go to the reports menu and view its statistics which show you, in real time, how it's performing.