Can I redirect users to a website or send an automatic email upon subscription?

Sometimes, you want to redirect your users back to your website after a successful subscription, or acknowledge their subscription by sending them a welcome email. 

We recently added a new feature in Moosend that allows you to redirect subscribers back to your website and to send a personalized email after a successful subscription.

This process takes place after a user successfully subscribes to one of your Moosend-enabled forms and can be managed by following the next steps.

First click on the Mailing Lists button on the vertical menu of your control panel page.

Upon Subscription Step 1 : Click on the Mailing Lists button

Pick the list that you want to receive the automatic subscription mail or be redirected to a subscription welcome page. 

Upon Subscription Step 2 : Select an Email Marketing Mailing List

Next, click on the option "Customize Subscription" on the vertical bar that will appear.

Upon Subscription Step 3 : Click on the Customize subscription button

The confirmation page of your subscription process is the one that your users will be redirected after a successful subscription.

To set this up you can click on the Confirmation page button as shown below. 

Upon Subscription Step 4 : Click on the Confirmation Page tab

Insert the complete URL link that the user will be redirected to.

Upon Subscription Step 5 : Insert the URL of the confirmation page

And then click on save to apply the changes you made.

Upon Subscription Step 6 : Click Save

Another option is to customize the email that gets sent to a user after he successfully subscribes in your signup form

To create the automatic email that the user will receive upon his subscription click on the Welcome E-mail button as shown in the following picture.

Upon Subscription Step 7 : Click on the Welcome Email button

Fill in the Sender and Subject fields. 

Upon Subscription Step 8 : Fill in the Sender and Subject line

And then the message that will be received by the user.

Upon Subscription Step 9 : Set message

Finally, click on the Save button.

Upon Subscription Step 10 : Click on Save

Please note that the email your new subscribers will receive will be a plain text email.

If you want to send a more elaborate email with pictures and other design features check our automations capabilities.

By setting any of the above options, you are able to fully customize the subscription process, so that your subscribers don't get lost on their way back from your subscription form!