How do I change the name of a Mailing List?

Like everything else in Moosend, changing the name of your mailing list is easy.
All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below:

1. Click on the Mailing lists button, on the left side of your Control Panel page.Rename your Mailing List Step 1 : Click on the Mailing lists button on the menu

2. Select the name of the mailing list that you wish to rename. Rename your Mailing List Step 2 : Select a mailing list

3. Click on the edit list name button, next to current name of your list.  Rename your Mailing List Step 3 : Click on Edit list name

4. Type the new name of your mailing list. Rename your Mailing List Step 4 : Type the new name of your mailing list 

5. Click on the save list name button. Rename your Mailing List Step 5 : Click on Save list name

That's it. Your list now has a new name but is still as awesome as before!