What is the difference between Unique and Total Opens?

After sending out an email marketing campaign, you'll probably want to know if your campaign is being successful, right? But how does Moosend measure your campaign's success? 

We use metrics! The first metric which gives you an indication of your newsletter's success is its Open Rate, which is based on the number of times your campaign has been opened by your recipients. In Moosend we keep track both your Unique opens and your Total opens.

The difference between the two types of opens is that Unique opens is defined as the number of the distinct recipients that have opened your campaign. Putting it simply, for each recipient that has opened your campaign, only one open is added to the Unique opens sum, no matter how many times the recipient has opened and reopened the newsletter they received. The Total opens number on the other hand equals the total number of times that your campaign has been opened by all the recipients who have received it. 

So, if a single recipient loved your campaign so much that they came back and opened it 6 times, Moosend will record 1 Unique open and 6 Total opens.

In the Campaign Overview we show both Unique opens and Total opens. Moosend Campaign Overview Report : Unique and Total Opens 

However in the campaign reporting, where you can see all your sent campaigns, under the Opened column you only see the Total opens.