Why do I see repeated campaign opens from the same subscriber?

It might be the case that you check to see your campaign's Open Rate located inside in your email marketing reports, and you realize that a specific user seems to have opened your campaign quite a lot of times.

Hold your horses! Best case scenario (the one we'd really love to believe is true) is that you've made such an awe inspiring campaign that the recipient can't help but open it again and again just to make sure it's there.

If that's not the case, then the reason behind the mysterious increase in opens coming from one particular recipient is that they might be using a "Preview Panel" option inside their email account. This means that every time they scroll over your campaign from inside their inbox the campaign's images get downloaded, which is then recorded in our system as a Campaign Open.

No reason to worry though, these "opens" are only added to your Total Opens and not in your Unique Opens count. So you still have a great metric to show you how well your campaign is doing! Either that or you really have a dedicated fan - don't be quit to dismiss that scenario, you can definitely create awe inspiring campaigns that will get your recipients excited, with Moosend!