Can I set up an automatic email to be sent upon subscription?

Sometimes you might want to redirect your users back to your website after a successful subscription, or acknowledge their subscription by sending them a friendly "Welcome!" email. Moosend lets you do both, because we absolutely love it when you get friendly with your subscribers!

To set up the process that takes place after a new subscriber successfully fills in one of your Moosend signup-forms, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Mailing lists button, located on the left side of your Control Panel page. Set Automatic Email Step 1 : Click on the Mailing Lists button

2. Click on the name of the mailing list for which you want to set up an automatic subscription email. Set Automatic Email Step 2 : Select an email marketing mailing list

3. Click on the List Settings option, on the vertical bar that appears. 


4.  In order to send a Welcome E-mail to your new subscribers, you should choose the first option, Use single Opt-in for this list and then click the Welcome E-mail tab. Only if you select the single Opt-in option, you should be able to send a Welcome E-mail. 


5. Choose the Sender of the email from the drop-down menu and then type the Subject line.


7. Write the content of the message that your new subscribers will be receiving. Set Automatic Email Step 7 : Type in your message

8. Click on the Save button. Set Automatic Email Step 8 : Click the Save button

Keep in mind that the welcome email you just created is of the plain text variety. If you wish to send a more elaborate email, including images and other design features, you should check Moosend's cool automations options. Using our automations you are able to fully customize your subscription process and to make sure your new subscribers stay engaged and interested right after they fill your sign-up form!